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HBM Prenscia offers a range of solutions for engineers to efficiently transform data into decisions.

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About HBM Prenscia


HBM Prenscia leverages ReliaSoft and nCode software, training, and consulting to deliver solutions that empower the engineering community. We are committed to the development of innovative concepts for improving reliability, availability, maintainability, safety, and durability, while reducing risk across a broad range of applications.

Prenscia Access

Empower your organization with unparalleled software access to efficiently transform data into decisions.

Prenscia Access is a unified, token-based licensing model that provides annual leased access to any combination of nCode and ReliaSoft desktop applications.

Upgrade your organization's toolkit

Prenscia Access allows any number of users to run any configuration of applications — limited only by available tokens.

Save money across the enterprise

Every engineer can utilize any combination of nCode or ReliaSoft desktop applications at a fraction of the cost of issuing individual licenses.

Unite your engineering processes

nCode software streamlines test and CAE durability processes, and ReliaSoft's Synthesis Platform leverages data from all reliability activities.

Keep every user's software up-to-date

All version upgrades and new desktop application releases are included with the Prenscia Access license.

Prenscia Access Licensing Details

Prenscia Access currently provides enterprise-wide access for nCode Version 12.1 and ReliaSoft Synthesis 10.1 desktop applications through a token-based licensing system.

When launched, each application draws a specified number of Prenscia Access tokens from your organization's shared cache; upon closing the application, the tokens are released back to the organization's shared cache for other users to access. All users within the organization can choose to run any configuration of applications, up to the limit of available units.


nCode Product Options Unit Draw
nCode Fundamentals 600
Premium Materials Database 150
nCode GlyphWorks
Signal 350
Data Cleaning 150
GPS Display 150
Media Display 100
GlyphBuilder 250
Fatigue 500
Fatigue Editing 400
Accelerated Testing 500
Optimized Testing 400
nCode VibeSys
nCode VibeSys Base 350
Modal Analysis 400
nCode DesignLife
nCode DesignLife Base 300
FE Display 100
CAE Strain (E-N) 400
CAE Stress (S-N) 400
CAE Dang Van Solver 250
CAE SpotWeld Solver 250
CAE SeamWeld Solver 250
CAE Vibration Fatigue 400
CAE Multi-Load Vibration 150
CAE Virtual Load Generation 250
CAE TMF Solver 350
CAE Composite Solver 250
CAE Short Fibre Composite Solver 250
CAE Adhesive Bond 250
CAE Safety Factor 250
CAE Processing Thread 150
CAE Distributed Processing 250


ReliaSoft Product Options Unit Draw
Weibull++ 150
ALTA PRO Edition 750
BlockSim (Multi-thread with Markov) 700
Xfmea 300
RCM++ 600
RGA 400
MPC Plus Edition 950
RENO 200
Lambda Predict (All Modules) 600
RBI 1,500

ReliaSoft promotes the use of engineering methodologies for ensuring reliability and maintainability through software, support, and education. ReliaSoft services and Synthesis software facilitate a wide range of reliability and related modeling and analysis techniques, such as life data analysis, accelerated life testing analysis, reliability block diagrams, and FMEAs.


nCode software contains proven methods for processing engineering data with specific capabilities for fatigue and durability analysis. The software features an intuitive, graphical interface for processing both test and CAE data — enabling analytical processes to be streamlined.

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