Ensuring customer success through value-driven solutions

HBM Prenscia Solutions ensures customer success through value-driven solutions for product development and operational monitoring. We are a multi-disciplinary team who have expertise in failure analysis; predictive analytics and modeling for reliability, durability, and deterioration; health and usage monitoring; development and testing of embedded software and electronics who deliver robust solutions to our global clients.

By combining physics of failure with patterns of failure, our models provide high confidence data to support business decisions, maintenance, and manage risk.

Enterprise solutions & services for engineering success


More than just a vendor or supplier, we are part of our clients’ team, working collaboratively to understand your needs and gain a full understanding of your challenges and aspirations.


We work collaboratively with our clients to establish an engineering plan and find fully compliant and cost effective solutions to help improve products and systems, development processes and maintenance strategies.


Solutions are developed, deployed in an operational environment and monitored to assure objectives are met. We provide status and progress reports regularly and offer solutions to improve products, manufacturing, testing, production and operational costs.


We ensure a high level of customer success through customizable services for support, training and education

Built on a strong foundation with experience in both commercial and defense

With a 96% repeat customer base and over 80 years of combined experience developing and delivering engineering solutions, we have learned how to find the best innovations needed to meet the challenges of today’s highly competitive environment. A team of engineers, analysts, software developers, data scientists, and program managers, many holding United States Government security clearance, are readily available to provide technical expertise and deliver value-driven solutions.

As of October 2017, we have strengthened and broadened our reliability and project management capabilities through the acquisition of The Omnicon Group. Omnicon analyzes and improves the reliability and safety of products to develop embedded software and hardware systems and provide comprehensive test engineering solutions.

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